Mary and Eddie: Partners in Crime

Six plus one!
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Yes, it's Mary's birthday today, and she's 61. Unbelievable. How good does she look? *sigh*

We've had the convo before about our fav Mary roles, but today I thought we might just list our top 7 (6 + 1) in order as, like me, things may have changed.

For me:

1. Laura Roslin, always and forever. ♥

2. Sharon Raydor. Yep, probably a bit of a shock for people, but she has grown on my *that* much. From ho-hum Closer eppies to yay! Major Crimes.

3. May Alice. Only May Alice can make me laugh and cry so much. I always think this character taught Mary more than she will ever know.

4. Laura Brown. Only Mary could make me fall in love with a telemovie character.

5. Rose Darko. Another one that's grown on me. There's something about mama!Mary...

6. Marilyn Whitmore. You always remember your first! LOL Plus again, she's there being an epic mummy!

Plus one:

Susan Shaw from Father's Choice. This is where I get totally shallow, because I just love her styling and hair in this movie. Is quite perfect for Mary's figure/looks. Let's just skip the plot holes and inappropriateness of some of the flick!

So, what are your favourite Mary roles. In order!

Ed on the big screen
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Don't forget Filly Brown has hit the cinemas in the US. Let's hope it gets a theatrical release in other countries too, because you've got to admit that the Ed looks very fine in the preview.

Happy birthday to The Ed!!!!!
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Today is Eddie's birthday! He's the most gorgeous man of 66 I know. :) So, a little picspam in honour!

First, my favourite pic of Eddie evah:

Edward_James_Olmos (1) my fav

Bill's obviously my favourite character evah!


And some pics of my favourite characters from his movies. (Might I stress characters, not necessarily favourite movies!)

Mike Axford in The Green Hornet. Terrible movie but he was magnetic every time he was (too infrequently) on the screen. And the waistcoat... damn...

eddie 2 green hornet

Stand and Deliver. Duh.

eddie 3 stand and deliver

And Virgil from Talent for the Game was aptly named. He was so sweet. :)

eddie 4 talent for the game

Who are your favs?

New comm!!!
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Well, everyone knew I'd have to watch Major Crimes for Mary, and like everyone else I've fallen in love with the Rusty/Sharon dynamic.

And... I have decided to start up a new comm dedicated to it. We'll (hopefully) have some fics and fanart posted there, as well as discussion on the best mother and son on tv at the moment. ♥

I am hoping that some people post some icons soon, because I am in desperate need of some Rusty and Sharon icons.

Come and check it out:

mc_mothership mc_mothership mc_mothership

What's going on...
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Just thought I'd better do a quick round up of our favourite pair, as I have been rather slack of late!

Our Ed has three movies in the works. None, unfortunately sweet little rom-coms co-starring Mary... I shall keep dreaming...

Machete Kills is a Robert Rodriguez film starring a zillion people. Rodriguez's Spy Kids star Alex Vega is getting top billing, but there's also Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez, Cuba Gooding Jnr and Lady Gaga on the cast list. It's actually a sequel to Machete (which, personally, I've never heard of) and is set to be released next year.

Also due to be released next year is 2 Guns. This has another impressive cast list other than our Ed: Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, James Marsden and Bill Paxton. Apparently Eddie will be the villian of the movie. He does do evil well!

One Eddie movie I am looking forward to is Go for Sisters. It lists him as the main actor (at last! yay!) alongside Hector Elizondo! How much hot can one Aussie take! It's been written and directed by John Sayles. So, my only question is why isn't Mary co-starring! (Sayles made Passion Fish and Matewan)

If you're living under a rock, you may not know that Major Crimes starts next Monday in the US. From all reports Mary will be the star of the show. (I was very worried it would be an 'ensemble' with the new younger female character taking over.) Now all we need is a guest starring role by youknowwho!!!! treeofstars has started up a comm for the show if you wish to stay up to date, majorcrimes.

She found this interview by co-star Tony Dennison. I just adore this quote from him: The other blessing is Mary McDonnell, who plays Captain Raydor, as she moves from one show to the other — she’s phenomenal. She’s a phenomenal person to work with. I tell people that if Mary McDonnell is not genuine, then there is no hope for mankind. Yes, Tony, we agree. ♥

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What sort of drugs is this guy on?

And who is James? I think that's Robert Young with him.

Anyway, it seems that I might be able to get Eddie to join the Australian Republic movement. :)

Happy birthday Mary!!!!!
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These are quite recent-ish photos. I'm not sure how many people get to look like this at 60, but I know it won't be me!

Mary's other favourite leading man...
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When I recently re-watched Passion Fish, I fell in love with Rennie all over again, and subsequently began obsessing about David Strathairn.

Searching through LJ for icons, I found that this man had no comm. So, after a brief discussion, nixmom and I decided this was a situation that had to be rectified.

We've started up the very originally named davidstrathairn. Feel free to come and join or watch, and we'll get some fun up and running in a couple of days after a few people have joined.

davidstrathairn davidstrathairn davidstrathairn

You know he could ask for my body...
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I'd give it to him. I'd also use a fax for him...

Young Eddie!
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New vid uploaded to youtube. From the movie Virus, another one I've never been able to track down.


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